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We need your help to conduct independent research

To reverse the decline of British industry and put the UK back into business, we need more independent research on rebalancing the UK economy.

This research needs to focus on:


The UK’s desperately low levels of investment as a percentage of GDP


How to reverse the deindustrialisation which has left us so vulnerable to massive balance of payments deficits


Getting a grip on the UK’s ever-rising debt both nationally and through our government


Getting UK growth to depend much more on exporting and investment rather than rising asset prices fuelling consumption.

To tackle this agenda, we need to investigate to what extent our problems are the result of mistaken demand-side policies or whether the main problems lie on the supply side.

Are our difficulties due to inappropriate macroeconomic, fiscal and exchange rate policies? Or are they the result of failures in education, training, inadequate infrastructure? If in fact both are at fault, what needs to be done to produce a balanced solution to a very complex set of problems?

The Pound Campaign is planning to commission a series of reports from think tanks and other sources, but this needs money. Would you be prepared to help? Would you like to be involved?

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